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Automotive Welding, Nashville TN

Custom Automotive Welding in Nashville TN

When it comes to fixing automobiles hiring a welder is a great way to make a repair look its best and withstand the test of time. Make Metal Head Fabrication and Repairs plus Automotive welding your first choice when you need welding done on the body of your vehicle in Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding areas.

My services allow you to create your truck and off-roading vehicle to your desire. I can custom create anything you need for your car. There are no jobs that are too big or small for me when it comes to this service.

Automotive Welding, Nashville TN

Transmission and Axle Work

Converting two-wheel drive vehicles into four-wheel drive is no problem for me. Most vehicles that are two-wheel drive have a four-wheel drive model that will swap in perfectly fine. I can  also do a SAS/AKA solid axle swap for almost any vehicle. This will dramatically affect the overall handling of your vehicle's ride for off road performance on strong hill killers aka Rock Bouncers,or a great weekend toy for the trails. 

Pricing Information

The costs for my automotive work will be discussed before I begin my work. Prices for these services vary case by case.